Thursday, April 5, 2012

Those days, remember?

Its never gonna be the same, ever again. The only thing I hope for, was you to remember me and those days we spent together. That's all I'm asking for. 

Its been so long since I blogged.
I just had the sudden urge to blog.
Really feel terrible keeping everything to myself, I swear.
Had been going home early lately. Hoping it would help.
But it isn't helping, at all.
Knowing the fact that things isn't gonna be the same anymore.
I know I can do this. This isn't the first time.
Went jogging with Joey yesterday night at 9plus.
Ran around school.
While waiting for Joey, I ran 2.4km on my own first.
Waited for her under your block.
Just when I looked up at the lift....
Another 1.2km after she came.
Stairs as usual.
Walked home after that.
Will continue later when I come home.